Thursday, December 21, 2017

CIA Balkan Report

In the Balkans, sooner or later, border changes will take place, former Balkan Deputy Chief of CIA for Steven Meyer said in an interview for Belgrade News.

As he says, new borders will most likely be withdrawn in Macedonia, but also in Kosovo.

The Balkans are left to themselves, Meyer believes, because the European Union has no solution, and the US is not a big interest either. In an interview for Novosti, he also talked about the election of Aleksandar Vučić for the Serbian president, saying he is a smart and efficient politician, and Serbia is looking for economic reforms.

Speaking of the situation in the region, he says:
"BiH is still far from being a united state than at any time in the past." Kosovo's question becomes more serious, and Macedonia is severely dead for months, at the same time, the EU has no answers to the Balkan issues, "Meyer told News.

Washington does not care about the Balkans

Meyer says the possible change of border between Albania and Macedonia could lead to the creation of a larger Albania, but that would not have the support of the US.

"However, it is important to keep in mind that Washington is no longer too interested in the Balkans. Trump's administration will not react specifically if these changes happen peacefully, similar to the way in which Montenegro has come to independence," said the analyst.

"If Montenegro and Kosovo can endorse independence, Macedonia could also be reduced, but this may not be the best course of action for Macedonia, in which case it would be wise for them to consider the federal union with Serbia," he analyzed Meyer's situation in Macedonia.

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