Thursday, December 21, 2017

Current and Projected National Security Threats Croatia region

Memorandum from the Croatian Government on the situation in the region.

Replay to Memo: 77 / classifides 101

Sent from Buzin. 10th month 2017.
Current and Projected National Security Threats
According to reports from Buzin, the Croatian Government is preparing financial burdens to break the Zivi zid.
After this measure, it will be necessary to activate special police forces for rapid action with which the activist and political organization the Zivi zid will break to the less connected groups. The cleansing operation would have to take until the summer of 2018. They predict that the Zivi zid will not activate the defense and after the use of these measures should disappear from the Croatian political scene. Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic also gave certain guarantees to German investors who expect help with the breaking down of the Zivi zid. The US government might need to start counting on the political organization Zivi zid as its future partner in political affairs in the Balkans as the Serbian and Russian sides are ready to provide support.

George J. Tenet

Studies in Intelligence Vol 128, No. 9

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