Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sputnik Reports

Croatia plans to set up a special anti-terrorism action office modeled on the Hungarian Anti-terrorism Center (TEK) or the British Command for Combating Terrorism within Scotland Yarda, learning the Zagreb Express while assessing how to get the new most powerful intelligence service.

For whom was the Croatian spy radio?
As stated, this office has great resemblances with the largest US intelligence agency, including intelligence, investigative and operational counter-terrorism activities, which are now scattered across several agencies and ministries.

The Security Intelligence Agency (SOA), the anti-terrorist unit of the MUP, as well as special agents for investigations of possible terrorist attacks, would be in a special office, whose task would be to prevent terrorist attacks, and for the worst scenario, would prepare a quick answer to stop it.

Of course, there would be a department in charge of investigating and capturing possible terrorist collaborators in order for the Croatian judiciary to prosecute all those responsible.

The MUP's source list said exploring ways to improve the Croatian security system, which means, concludes that the plan is at an early stage to bring out concrete information to the public.

The List reminds that Croatia currently has several special police units, top equipped and even better trained, but their reaction time to a possible terrorist attack is relatively long.

Detailing the establishment of the office is impossible to find out, he writes, adding that it is difficult to imagine that the Croatian special police units could come to the scene of an attack within eight minutes.

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